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PostSubject: GM Cleaning Bulletin   GM Cleaning Bulletin I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2011 9:36 am

Quote :
Subject: Info - Interior Cleaning, Leather, Vinyl Fabric Cleaner, Stain Remover, Restorer - New Product Availability

Models: 2006-2007 GM Passenger Cars and Trucks (EXCLUDES Cadillac DTS with RPO R9N -- Tehama Leather)

To keep the vehicle interior looking the best, it should be cleaned often. It is important to keep the upholstery from becoming heavily soiled. The vehicle's interior can experience extreme heat which can cause stains to set quickly. Lighter color interiors may require more frequent cleaning. Care should be taken because newspapers and garments may transfer color to the vehicle's interior.

Many of today's interiors are made with new low gloss materials. Permanent damage may result from using cleaners on ANY surfaces (interior trim, carpet, leather, vinyl and fabric) for which they are not intended. Using non-approved products can actually set the stain to the point that nothing can remove it.


• Do not use silicone or wax-based products or those containing organic solvents (such as naptha, alcohol, etc) to clean your vehicle's interior because they can alter the appearance by increasing the gloss in a non-uniform manner.

• Never use a stiff brush. It can cause damage to the vehicle's interior surfaces.

• Use only mild, Neutral-pH cleaners. Avoid laundry detergents or dishwashing soaps with degreasers. Using too much soap will leave residue that leaves streaks and attracts dirt.

Because it is critical to use only mild, neutral-pH cleaners, General Motors has approved the use of the cleaners and conditioners listed in this bulletin for the cleaning of interiors. These products are in the neutral-pH range and will maintain the best vehicle interior appearance. These products are water-based, biodegradable, and do not contain bleach, solvents or harsh chemicals.

Interior trim pieces on new vehicles, as well as service components, arrive with a protective film. When removing the protective film, adhesive residue is left on the trim panels/components. The cleaner (for leather, vinyl, plastic and interior paint) is an effective cleaner in removing adhesive residue without causing damage to the component.


• If soapy, alkaline cleaning solutions are used on fabrics, and not thoroughly rinsed out, the residual left in the fabric will attract dirt. Because the recommended cleaners/conditioners are in the pH neutral range, they won't leave behind soapy residue.

• On heavily stained carpet or on the Montana SV6 interior fabric, it is recommended that the entire surface be treated and cleaned vs. spot cleaning.

Effective cleaning steps:

1) Remove any residue by lightly rubbing the surface with a clean towel.

2) Choose the appropriate stain remover based on the stain type.

3) Spray and lightly brush the area with a clean, soft bristle brush.

4) Gently blot up the stain.

Upholstery and Carpet Stains

When cleaning upholstery and carpet stains ONLY, the following cleaning chart will help you determine which cleaner/formula works best on a particular stain. The chart lists many of the common stains. Some complex stains may require the application of both stain removers, one after the other, to remove both food-based oils and synthetic oils.

Type of Stain for Gold Formula (P/N 88861403)

Beer, Blood, Butter/Margarine, Catsup, Chocolate, Coffee. Cola, Grass, Jelly, Juices, Mayonnaise, Mildew, Milk, Mustard, Paint (Latex), Tea, Urine, Vegetable oil, Vomit and Wine.

Type of Stain for Red Formula (P/N 88861404)

Butter/Margarine, Cosmetics, Crayon, Grease (motor), Gum, Ink, Iodine, Lipstick, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Nail Polish, Oil, Red drinks, Rust, Shoe Polish, Sun block, Tar, and Vegetable oil.

Leather Conditioner/Restorer

A Leather Conditioner/Restorer is also available. The restorer is safe for all vinyl and leather. It is a water-based product and contains essential emollients to restore suppleness, conditions and adds luster without adding gloss. The restorer will also provide protection against restaining.

Parts Information
Products are available in two sizes; 8 oz and 24 oz bottles.

Cleaner -- Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Interior Paint
8 oz. 88861405
24oz. 88861401

Conditioner -- Leather, Vinyl, Restorer
8 oz. 88861406
24oz. 88861402

Cleaner -- Stain Remover Gold Formula -- Food, Beverage
8 oz. 88861407
24oz. 88861403

Cleaner -- Stain Remover Red Formula -- Ink, Grease
8 oz. 88861408
24oz. 88861404
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GM Cleaning Bulletin
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