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 Answers to common car cleaning questions.

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Answers to common car cleaning questions. Empty
PostSubject: Answers to common car cleaning questions.   Answers to common car cleaning questions. I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2011 9:42 am

Answers to questions



Buffers, basically two types, High speed Rotary and Dual Action. The HS is DANGEROUS and should not be used unless you have experience. It creates heat to break downe the compounds, but can also burn the paint quickly. The DA buffer does what it says, two motions running at the same time, rotating and spinning in its access. Thus it doesn't create heat, but also does not do serious paint correcting. This I will discuss in future discussions.
3-M swirl remover/ this products hides the swirls does not remove them. You cannot remove swirls by hand, but you can cover them up.

Zaino, I could talk about this for hours. I know I will upset some that use it but her is my professional opinion. Over priced and over rated. They capitalize on selling the uneducated consumer. They also make it complicated to use. (z-1 z-2 z-3 z-4 z-5 z-6 z-7, where will this end. They also sell a ZFX additive for $25 that is suppose to help the polish react. Any chemist you talk to will tell you that Synthetic Polymers worth their salt has the additives IN the product already. ZFX is just a mareting ploy. I will leave this hear for now I'm sure we will discuss this more.

Clear 3m Film

3m bra. Keep in mind that even though this may protect the paint from the chips, the film still gets chipped and creates unsightly marks when flawed. It could also discolor your paint if used for a prolonged time. They have a after market clear coat now that is 7 times stronger than factory. Its applied at body shops that are up on latest technology.

California Duster

Cal Duster, if used properly it is fine. Do not press on it, gentle pressure only.

Any time you apply more than say 2-3 coats of any selant all you are doing is removing the previous layer. It does not good at all. Sure you have have great results, but what you see is the effect from the first two layers. the companies that make the stuff love when you waste product.
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Answers to common car cleaning questions.
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