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PostSubject: Membership guidelines    Membership guidelines  I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2014 9:45 pm

The 304kustomz group is getting revamped for serious members only. This means if you are serious about the 304 family, we expect to see you at shows, meets or whatever we are doing. I know not everyone can make everything and not everyone here lives in Morgantown, as long as you make an effort, that is all we ask. Otherwise you will be deleted from this group. If you have an excuse for everything then we don't want you. After all, this group is intended for members only. We're not a virtual club. 
At the end of the show season, each members yearly club dues will be due. $60 a year, per person/cpl. Dues to be give to Carrie Lewis or Jessica Dailey.. preferably, or can be given to Jason Lewis or Aaron Dailey (doesn't have to be paid all at once, can break it up over the course of the summer). DUES WILL BE COLLECTED FEBRUARY 1ST. This will go to help fund the cruise-in's and shows that we have, including any meets and events the club will have (ie.. Christmas and Halloween parties) This will also help maintain club website, once completed and published, along with anything else we may have a need for it.
From here forward ALL new members will go through a "prospect" status. Once discussed and APPROVED by the officers and senior members, (which will be by majority vote), you will have to purchase the prospect logo from Jeremiah at Primo. After every event up until the 5th attended, your attendance will be tallied. Not until the 5th will you be able to get the full member logo/banner.

  • Club officers:

  • Aaron Dailey - President

  • Eric Shreve - Vice President

  • Jason Lewis- Co-VP

  • Jessica Dailey/Carrie Lewis- Secratery / Treasurer 

  • Roger Braithwaite, Mike Wester , Kurt Criss- Event Coordinators .

  •  Bryan Beagle** (Parkersburg)New Member Recruitment

  • Tyler Vincent (Fairmont)New Member Recruitment

  • Tony Yaquinta (Clarksburg/Bport)New Member Recruitment

  • Paul Braithwaite (Western MD)- New Member Recruitment

**Bryan Beagle is also Parkersburg Chapter President - any new possible prospects from southern WV should be referred to him.

*If for any reason that there is a need for demotion or change of any officer(s), it will be brought up before the entire club and voted on as necessary. 

1) We don't care how many mods you have at the start (every project has its beginning) ,but eventually they gotta happen. ex: suspension, engine, transmission, exhaust, audio, wheels.. ect (stickers and plasti-dip alone won't cut it)

2) No egos. No drama. If you're a brand loyal douche bag who degrades other makes, we don't want you in our family. If you don't like someone's ride, fine, but remember... they didn't build it for you.. but in the same sense, I don't want to hear about people snickering and whispering about someones ride because you think yours is better. 
3) if you can't obey traffic laws and would rather do burnouts, street racing, etc then this isn't the place for you. We have a good rep in town so far and would like to keep it that way. Not to say that we don't have our fun, but there is a time and place for everything.

4) Must be loyal. 304 members are a loyal family. Must run one of the 304kustomz club logos somewhere on the car. We don't really care where, as long as it would be visible at shows.

5) If we're at a show, meet or whatever... respect everyone and other clubs. We have a good relationship with several clubs through out the state, and it WILL stay that way

304KustomZ of Morgantown, WV
ZZperformance.com - facebook.com/304kustomz - G5club.net 
********2009 Pontiac G5 / 2004 Chevy Aveo / 2008 Tribeca********
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Membership guidelines
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