So I just bought a '85 IROC today. Probably picking it up next week or whenever I have time. This has been the bussiest month of my life so I hope if slows down soon. Anyways, I need suggestions for the build. Right now it has a fresh EFI 350 and a fresh rebuild on the tranny. I say fresh because they probably only have a couple hundred miles on them but they were put in years back. My uncle never drove it.

Anyways, when I first thought about buying the car I was going to make it a decently fast car. 10's and I would have been happy. Now I have changed my mind for its first build. I want to try to spark an interest in Rachel. So I need it to be safe for her. I figure a high-mid 12 second car will be good for now.

Its pretty much a show car right now. Lambo orange with shaved doors, interior and engine bay painted orange as well, craiger looking wheels, rear seats removed with speakers in their place.

I am thinking a H/C package, gears, and a 2500 stall should get it pretty close. Probably going to have to lighten it up a bit. What do you guys think? I want it to be very drivable.