I think the most interesting thing in this video is the trap speeds. If you look at the top 6 cars, the GTR traps the lowest out of all of them but has the quickest ET. You have to hand it to Nissan...HP per lb they were the lowest of the top 6 but still won. Those cars rip off the line and that dual clutch auto shifts amazing!

On the other hand, launch control, traction control, no manual tranny option, ect......give me a brake. Manfacturers are slapping car guys in the face. At least give the consumer the option for a manual tranny. They are making these cars so my grandma can get in them and turn good times. Whats next a steering stableizer that makes sure the driver cannot turn the wheel so they go straight down the track when drag racing????? It will be cheaper to go to Kennywood and ride a rollercoaster.