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 Interesting car facts, post yours here too!

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Interesting car facts, post yours here too! Empty
PostSubject: Interesting car facts, post yours here too!   Interesting car facts, post yours here too! I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 9:10 pm

Interesting car facts
Let’s check out the most interesting top 10 car facts that will give you a five-minute relax.

■The first car was built in China. It was built by Ferdinand Verbiest and powered by steam in 1672 but it has got inadequate proof.
■The longest traffic jam in the world hold-up 110 miles long between Paris and Lyon on the French Autoroute in 1980.
■On 21 November 1985, a team uses 42 seconds to remove and reinstall an engine for a Ford Escort.
■One of the interesting car facts said Ferrari Company actually builds 14 Ferrari cars in each day.
■The most crowded road is in Luxembourg, France. It has 570 cars out of one thousand people.
■World’s first car insurance policy is issued in 1897. It is 11 years after the first gasoline-powered car invented in 1886 by Karl Benz.
■Well, this is really one of the fun car facts. It is said the first car run on the road is a car without a steering wheels and driver steered the car with a lever.
■First car sold in America costs US$650 and only 425 units were built for that year.
■At least 6 drivers licenses were issued to people named Jesus Christ in California state itself.
■It is said that the first Japanese car that sells in America was a Honda Accord year 1982. On the serious side, the first Honda car built by Honda is Honda S600 which available as convertible and fastback coupe.
■One last interesting car facts but not least, every year there is about 100,000 road accidents blamed to the mistakes from satellite navigation systems and also the faulty from GPS system.
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Interesting car facts, post yours here too!
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